About First Rays

Serving customers in all 50 states and 8 Canadian provinces & territories, plus a multitude of countries around the world, First Rays is a home-based, family-run business that started as an orchid-growing hobby in the mid-1970's, and became a business in 1994 when we lost our entire, 20-year collection to a heater failure on a 7°F night.

Having a background in engineering and science, as well as a long career in the chemical industry, we only carry products that are proven to be effective, and that we use and stand behind.  We sell nothing just for the sake of making a profit.  We do what we can keep our prices down, through our purchasing power, as well as  having several options for shipping, for which we do not inflate the charges.

Our interest is sharing the wonderful world of orchids, and helping others do a better job of growing, not fleecing others. We were literally yelled at by one of our suppliers for not inflating my prices!  Also, because of the volatile approach to inventory, our prices on restocked materials may vary from its last offering.

Our company name is based upon the fact that we're quite particular to flowers in the red-orange-yellow color range - hose seen in the "first rays" of a sunrise.  Our logo depicts that sunrise in a computer-generated image of a tropical rainforest mountain ridge, upon which an image of our own Encyclia bractescens has been superimposed.