Delivery Information


Most orders will go out that same-, or the next business day.


The store is linked directly to the USPS servers, giving you the actual shipping costs.  There are no packing and handling charges.


We offer the use of United State Postal Service Priority Mail and Express Mail for deliveries.  USPS Priority Mail may be better for delivery to remote areas, but despite the "1- to 3-Day" claim of their Priority Mail service, there is no guarantee that packages will be delivered within that time frame.  Please be aware that packages cannot be tracked until 15 days after shipment.  USPS Priority Mail International offers 6-10 days delivery to the destination nation's customs authorities.  Delivery beyond that is out of our hands.

USPS Express Mail offers next-day delivery for US destinations.  USPS International Priority Mail offers delivery on 6-14 days to most destinations' customs authorities; USPS International Priority Express Mail (EMS) offers 3-5 days delivery to the destination customs authorities.


We ship orders via the postal service, who does not collect the taxes and fees. If they are assessed at the border, you are responsible for them.

Also, with the more-stringent security requirements at the border, and the unfortunate inequitable ways in which the regulations are interpreted between border-crossing sites, it is quite common for shipments to be delayed in-transit, so please plan accordingly when placing orders.

Similarly, if you order products that are not registered in Canada (pesticides and disinfectants, mostly), and they are confiscated or rejected at the border, we will not be held responsible or issue a refund, unless they are returned to us.

Refunds will be issued for any products returned from Canada, but the original shipping costs will not be refunded in any case.


Orders are filled in the order received, which can lead to items being unavailable. If an ordered item is out-of-stock, we will not make substitutes without your permission.

We typically ship daily, Monday through Friday. We try to get all orders out right away, but cannot guarantee exactly when an order will ship.

As we cut and paste your personal information from the order you submit, any additional charges assessed by FedEx due to errors in the address or phone number will be passed on to you.

We do not normally request them, but if you specifically request that a package be left without a signature, we have no recourse with the carrier, so will not be responsible for lost packages.