Terms & Conditions


We have no "minimum order" restrictions.


Shipping is billed at our actual cost. Those coasts are determined by the servers at the USPS at the time of order placement.  There are no packing and handling charges.


We will occasionally offer goods on sale or at special, discounted pricing.  Other discounts are not applicable to those items.


Free shipping offer applies to orders shipped to an address in the US only.  Does not apply to non-stock/drop-ship items.  Our choice of shipping method.



We offer the use of the United State Postal Service for deliveries.  


Many Canadian customers prefer to have their orders shipped to "Shipping Services" along the border in the US, then take them home themselves.  Not only does it simplify and accelerate clearance, but it saves a bundle on shipping.

Also, with the more-stringent security requirements at the border, and the unfortunate inequitable ways in which the regulations are interpreted between border-crossing sites, it is quite common for shipments to be delayed in-transit, so please plan accordingly when placing orders.

Similarly, if you order products that are not registered in Canada, and they are confiscated or rejected at the border, we will not be held responsible or issue a refund, unless they are returned to us.

Refunds will be issued for any products returned from Canada, but the original shipping costs will not be refunded in any case.


Orders are filled in the order received, which can lead to items being unavailable. If an ordered item is out-of-stock, we will not make substitutes without your permission.

We ship on all business days. Orders placed before 11 a.m. usually go out that same day.  We try to get all orders out right away, but cannot guarantee exactly when an order will ship.

As we cut and paste your personal information from the order you submit, any additional charges assessed by FedEx due to errors in the address or phone number will be passed on to you.

We do not normally request them, but if you specifically request that a package be left without a signature, we have no recourse with the carrier, so will not be responsible for lost packages. This is not usually an issue, but in the few cases where packages have walked away from someone's doorstep, FedEx has always refunded the full value of the shipment, and a replacement was shipped right out. Also, even if you do request that a package be left, the delivering driver has the final say, and may choose not to do so.

Plants will be shipped only within the continental United States; supplies are routinely shipped worldwide.


We gladly accept international orders, but please understand that, as we have no control over the whims of customs personnel around the world, we will not accept responsibility for orders that are rejected upon entry to your country, so you are ordering at your own risk. If rejected orders are returned to us, we will gladly refund the cost of the goods, less any fees we may incur for the return, but cannot refund the shipping cost under any circumstances.  In effect, we can only guaranty that we will ship, not that you will get it.

We strongly advise that you contact the authorities in your country before ordering, and only order acceptable items, to ensure a swift, easy customs clearance


When checking out, you have two options for payment. By clicking the appropriate button, you may:

  • Pay via PayPal (preferred method).
  • Submit your credit card info securely online (we accept AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, & VISA)

We are unable to accept checks or purchase orders.

When you submit your order, you are dealing directly with our merchant service, and NO MONEY IS SENT IMMEDIATELY. You are only "authorizing" the charge. After we have packed and weighed your order, we log into our merchant account and "capture" the actual cost of your order. Then, and only then, is the transfer of funds executed. 



First Rays will assume no liability for any goods that are improperly used, handled, applied, or stored. Plant shipments are guaranteed to arrive alive and in good condition if shipped via FedEx, but we cannot extend that to flower spikes-, buds, or blossoms, due to the inherent stressful nature of shipping.  Plants shipped via the FedEx Smartpost or the USPS are not eligible for the guarantee.


We endeavor to fulfill orders only with top-quality, defect-free goods, but sometimes mistakes happen. Likewise, we are pretty experienced at packing shipments, but have no control over the carriers, so damage rarely has-, but can occur. In cases where items are damaged or missing from your shipment, we will replaced the item or refund the purchase price, at our discretion. If there is any reason you are dissatisfied with your order, please contact us immediately, and we will work with you to resolve it.

We will accept prepaid returns of stock items.  If they arrive in their original condition, we will happily refund the full cost of those items.  Shipping costs are non-refundable.  DROP-SHIPPED or NON-STOCK items are not returnable.